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Proof That Nothing Matters (2014)

Proof That Nothing Matters is now available for purchase online.

Because No Thing Matters Ultimately,
Nothingness Matters Immediately

I tell people all the time, "If you're happy with the ways things are, then don't come see me, I'm not your guy." There are many people, though, who are looking for a better way, a way that makes more sense to them. Americans are far more educated and aware than they used to be, and that is causing a profound change in the way we view things. Let me explain. Have you ever found yourself in a meeting, very seriously discussing a specific subject (perhaps strategic investment of resources, office politics, or which printer to buy), when you suddenly realize that if a stranger were to wander into the middle of this conversation, they might justifiably find it obtuse, pointless, or even absurd?

Important information has been compiled here from a broad survey of successful professionals and their working environments. Simply read through the included examples, follow directions, and fill out forms as indicated. Includes 39 pages of dynamic visual aids (26 color, 13 b&w), 14 pages of critical text, and 23 pages which remain mercifully blank. This guide provides everything you need to know to ACHIEVE SUCCESS in resignation.

Alex Nichols, M.S., has appeared as a guest speaker and lecturer at numerous international conferences and workshops. He is also the author of two previous books, as well as many articles published in professional journals.